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Array to string conversionNormalClosed (Duplicate)PHP noticedemitri 
Failed to download source file protected/application\components\webupdater\DatabaseBackupAction.php. Check that the file is available on the update server at http://x2planet.com/updates/x2engine/protected/application\components\webupdater\DatabaseBacNormalClosed (Duplicate)ExceptionSee bug 25 for the resolution of this issue. 
AdminController and its behaviors do not have a method or closure named "rrmdir".NormalClosed (Duplicate)CExceptionDuplicate bug. Please see linked record for details 
chmod(): Operation not permittedNormalClosed (Duplicate)PHP warningServer issue, user did not mean to submit report. 
AdminController and its behaviors do not have a method or closure named "rrmdir".NormalClosed (Duplicate)CExceptionThis is a duplicate bug, please see the linked record for information. 
User ReportNormalEnhancementModule Opportunities. since version 5.3, it is now possible to print an opportunity. However, there is no menu for sending an email like in the ac...jake 
Unable to select all in Contacts ListsNormalEnhancementjkang 
Allow selecting the SMTP account for sending from the Email ClientFeature RequestEnhancementIt has been requested by a forum user to allow selecting the SMTP account for sending from the Email Client. The use case provided was to always pe...rcolebaugh 
Dynamic send-as in X2Flow EmailsFeature RequestEnhancementAdd a dynamic option to the "send as" field when configuring automated emails that uses the default email account of the assignee of the ...demitri 
Folders in docs moduleFeature RequestEnhancementOrganization/tagging in general would be useful. Based on case 32demitri 
Add associated model as a virtual attribute to ActionsFeature RequestEnhancementThere may be real need to access the associated model of an action in X2Flow. This solution would add the model as a virtual attribute whose value ...demitri 
"Reply All" in email clientEnhancementThe email client is lacking a "Reply All" control, and does not render any indication of an email being CC'd.rcolebaugh 
Default font in email clientEnhancementIt has been requested to provide an option to set a default font for composing emails in the email client and InlineEmail widget.rcolebaugh 
EnhancementAdd multi-sort to record grid views. http://x2community.com/topic/2738-sorting-on-multiple-columns-in-list-grid-view/derek 
Recurring Action RemindersEnhancementderek 
Email action attachment download linksEnhancementAdd download links for email attachments in action history. Currently only the name of the attached file can be accessed.derek 
Persistent Report Column WidthsEnhancementMake column widths in saved reports persistentderek