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"Reply All" in email clientEnhancementThe email client is lacking a "Reply All" control, and does not render any indication of an email being CC'd.rcolebaugh 
Default font in email clientEnhancementIt has been requested to provide an option to set a default font for composing emails in the email client and InlineEmail widget.rcolebaugh 
EnhancementAdd multi-sort to record grid views. http://x2community.com/topic/2738-sorting-on-multiple-columns-in-list-grid-view/derek 
"Assigned To" grid filter cannot be used to retrieve multi-assigned recordsClosed (Fixed in Release)derek 
Recurring Action RemindersEnhancementderek 
x2touch csrf warningUnconfirmedcsrf token warning presented upon x2touch login on iphone 6derek 
Email action attachment download linksEnhancementAdd download links for email attachments in action history. Currently only the name of the attached file can be accessed.derek 
Persistent Report Column WidthsEnhancementMake column widths in saved reports persistentderek 
User invitation redirects to login screenClosed (Fixed in Release)User invitation redirects to login screenjkang 
Closed (Fixed in Release)Reports filter condition 'Contains' appears broken, at least on summation reports. derek 
X2Flow Compare Attribute using "In List" with dropdown fields fails to saveClosed (Fixed in Release)Attempting to use "In list" to compare a record's dropdown-type attribute fails to save the chosen values.rcolebaugh 
Closed (Fixed in Release)The add quote and create email button on the transaction widgets on the 'Products' page run into javascript errors.Anyone 
ConfirmedError came up when selecting description as a column for an actions report. Because description is stored in a different table? CDbException CDbC...derek 
ConfirmedMoneyMask issue. Subtracting dollar amounts (e.g. -$500.00) in the adjustment fields is failing.tony 
Activity Feed Email BroadcastClosed (Invalid)Activity post email broadcast feature appears to broken.derek 
Services web form not savingUnconfirmedTested on X2Software; have not confirmed it's not caused by customizationdemitri 
ConfirmedFlag default role as admin bugAn exception is thrown when flagging a default role as admin.derek 
ConfirmedRoles UI BugWhen creating a role with an invalid name, form submission fails silently.derek 
Importer brokenClosed (Fixed in Release)- Typo in variable name in AdminController - "invalid multibyte sequence" error: #1 /home/testupdate/public_html/builds/ad-hoc/4.1.3/fra...demitri 
The "email contact" action in X2Flow (X2FlowRecordEmail) does not respect the "do not email" field.Confirmeddemitri