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User ReportNormalClosed (Fixed in Release)There is a visual bug where the alignment is inconsistent in the activity feed which makes it hard to read when viewing many messages at a glance. ...derek 
User ReportNormalClosed (Fixed in Release)Error 400 when trying to delete all notifications after clicking View All notifications from the notifications bar: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xa84k...derek 
User ReportNormalClosed (Fixed in Release)I currently have some date fields in my Contact view (Form and Default). I use X2CRM in French - for a reason beyond my comprehension - when I sel... 
User ReportNormalClosed (Fixed in Release)Hi! I have a huge bug. When I want to create new accont or contact, using &quot;+&quot; button in create form of opportunity, lookup leads ... 
NormalClosed (Duplicate)Automatically flagged as a duplicate of bug 25 
NormalConfirmedTo recreate: in development branch, go to marketing -&gt; web lead form. The unsub form preview gives a 500 error for an undefined variable. E...JLaw 
Sticky Activity Events on Mobile BrokenMinorClosed (Fixed in Release)Any post which is marked as sticky on the activity feed is not rendered at the top of the feed. Furthermore, the actual post marked sticky is not a...kjosef 
Allow selecting the SMTP account for sending from the Email ClientFeature RequestEnhancementIt has been requested by a forum user to allow selecting the SMTP account for sending from the Email Client. The use case provided was to always pe...rcolebaugh 
"Reply All" in email clientEnhancementThe email client is lacking a "Reply All" control, and does not render any indication of an email being CC'd.rcolebaugh 
Default font in email clientEnhancementIt has been requested to provide an option to set a default font for composing emails in the email client and InlineEmail widget.rcolebaugh 
MinorConfirmedTest feed report email fails silentlyjake 
EnhancementAdd multi-sort to record grid views. http://x2community.com/topic/2738-sorting-on-multiple-columns-in-list-grid-view/derek 
User ReportNormalClosed (Fixed in Release)When adding an event to the calendar, selecting the Starting Date/Time and then clicking on the Hour button to increase the amount of time spent in...jake 
User ReportNormalClosed (Fixed in Release)Cant't add a label to a relationship in an account. Before it was a PITA since the label could not be added or edited after the Relationshi...jake 
User ReportNormalClosed (Unable to Reproduce)When I choose a date field, other than Create Date or Last Updated, in the Rows and Columns reports to generate an Activity Chart, it does not disp...jake 
User ReportNormalEnhancementModule Opportunities. since version 5.3, it is now possible to print an opportunity. However, there is no menu for sending an email like in the ac...jake 
"Assigned To" grid filter cannot be used to retrieve multi-assigned recordsClosed (Fixed in Release)derek 
Recurring Action RemindersEnhancementderek 
x2touch csrf warningUnconfirmedcsrf token warning presented upon x2touch login on iphone 6derek 
Email action attachment download linksEnhancementAdd download links for email attachments in action history. Currently only the name of the attached file can be accessed.derek